How it work's?

How We Process Your Order

We work hard to create the beautiful jewelry you see here, and once you place your order we will begin the process of making each piece by hand. All orders are hand crafted and some are in stock, and some are made for costume order, so when you place your order please allow us  9 to 30  Business days for the majority of items to be made and shipped,
you always can ask as in our customer service chat or email. in some items its taking a little longer due to their unique design, and some items a little faster. If you need an item within a faster time frame for a certain date or a special occasion please contact us before you place your order to see if we can accommodate for you. Due to our increase in popularity some of our items are in high demand and will have a longer wait time. We cannot guarantee our timeframe, due to the handmade nature of each piece. ( for example to be very particular about what we send and if an item needs to be fixed or tweaked we will do so to ensure your item is perfect for you) we take great pride in all our items, they are made with love and we promise we go as fast as we can to get these items out. Handcrafted items have become a dying art and we hope to bring it back. It means so much to be able to make a piece that will speak to you on an individual basis. We do not work on weekends or holidays. All items are hand crafted, which means that the items will not be the exact item in the picture but will be replicated as close as possible, all raw gemstones have their own unique shape and color which is what makes our items so special and unique! You can request a "custom order" if you would like a specific shape or color of gemstone. Custom orders may be requested through email, and the cost for custom orders varies on the item. When requesting a custom order please address the subject on your email as "custom order" also to reach us faster, you may message us on our Instagram page or call us. 

Once your item is made we will be shipping through DHL, USPS, ARAMEX, FEDEX or other express safe company, it depends in your location. we are diamond company and we have few location that we send from. Once your order is shipped you will receive a confirmation of shipment and a tracking number. All this will be sent to the email that we are given.
if needed more information you can send us message via Instagram, service chat in out website or Email.

For international buyers, your items will be shipped nomally in DHL 1st Class mail, this is because of the high cost of shipping, we try to keep the cost of shipping as low as possible. You will receive a tracking number if you request one, and please allow up to 30 days for your items to arrive once shipped. 

We thank you for your business, there is no greater joy, than to be able to provide everyone with beautiful jewelry,    
sincerely yours, the Hearts & Diamonds team.